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Paper to iPad – EPIC Fab Shop Gets A Technology Upgrade

If you could project a 3D image of pumps, piping and process system parts directly onto the frame of a skid, how much easier would assembly be? While yA skilled craftsman manipulates a 3D model of a modular process skidou can’t project the image directly on a skid, the technology to allow our craftsmen to manipulate a 3D model of each skid does exist.  A collaboration between the Fabrication Shop and the IT Department has resulted in a shop iPad equipped with 3D modeling software and auto-updated drawings of projects.

“All the shop guys wanted it. It’s an improved way to do assembly. This is much easier to work with than the paper plans we were using before – the models can be turned and manipulated on the tablet. For example, we can zoom in on specific piping arrangements, follow the routing of the line, or get specific measurements,” says Mike Goetz, Shop Foreman. “It saves time for our guys and it allows them to always have access to the plans. We don’t have to bother the project manager for print-outs.”


EPIC’s IT department equipped an iPad with Autocad DWS to view the drawings and automatically update the drawings as changes are made by the engineers. The iPad is a portable solution that can easily switch between project models.  Michael Riehn, EPIC’s IT Director, was excited that shop was pushing for new technology.

 “Goetz was the driver to this project.  He is always pushing to make our projects more productive with increased quality. From an IT perspective we wanted to ensure that the skilled craftsmen were seeing the latest drawings with a rugged display that would meet their needs.  We were happy that the iPad met our requirements with minimal training and seamless integration,” says Riehn.


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