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industrial distillation system

Why You Shouldn’t Trust “Instant” Quotes for Process Systems

What causes people to look for an instant quote? Pressure from their superiors, easy website forms, fast-track timelines, budget deadlines, etc. the list goes on. Whatever the case is, instant quotes are a risky move with a plethora of issues. Instant quotes can be beneficial in understanding a wide price range for a project but […]

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Process Equipment Design

How to Nail Project Schedule

From the second a process system project is approved, throughout the process equipment design, and until the day it is smoothly running in your facility, you are working hard to make sure that it is completed on time and on budget. Project scheduling has a major effect on whether your project is a success for […]

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An EPIC engineer designs a process system

When Should You Contact a Process System Designer?

Companies and entrepreneurs can be passionate about developing their process technology, but often don’t know if they are taking the right steps during process system design. By understanding the process, you can begin accumulating the documentation needed to build a pilot or production scale system faster. Many companies spend time and resources for fully defined […]

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This welder is conducting a TIG weld during skid fabrication

Skid Fabrication: Everything You Need to Know about Welding

As the saying goes, “There is more than one way to skin a cat”. This is also true of industrial welding. Any skid fabricator worth their salt should be able to tailor welding techniques – arguably the most important step of skid fabrication – to build high-quality systems that exceed client expectations and industry regulations. […]

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President’s Corner: My Mom, Domestic Process Technologist

My mother used to make the best chocolate cake – not too sweet, the perfect consistency, served at just the right temperature. I remember this cake not only because it was so good, but also because it was nearly impossible to replicate. If you asked my mother how she made the cake, she would list […]

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Featured Batch Mix System

Control Engineering: How EPIC Quickly Doubled Production with Process Automation EPIC provided services to International Food Company and a case study outlining their success was recently published in Control Engineering. EPIC partnered with International Food Company to help meet their goal to rapidly expand their process and packaging lines in a new facility. EPIC was […]

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John Schott Speaks at AICHE 2017 Annual Meeting

The AIChE Annual Meeting was recently held, October 29–November 3, 2017, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of our own, John Schott, spoke at the meeting and offered his expertise of batch mixing and inline blending systems to those in attendance, giving them insight to the benefits and best practices associated with inline blending. John shared actual […]

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Batch vs Continuous Blending – Featured in Chemical Engineering

  One of our engineers, Stephen Benbrook, was recently published in Chemical Engineering. Contributing to the Facts at your Fingertips column, he discussed the pros and cons of three different blending approaches. There are several factors that must be considered when deciding which blending approach to use. Below is a quick comparison of manual batch […]

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EPIC Process Systems

Manufacturing Day 2017: Top 10 Facts

Celebrating Ingenuity on National Manufacturer’s Day Happy National Manufacturing Day! At EPIC, we are proud to partner with clients that contribute so much to America’s success. We think manufacturers are key to America’s success, and we have collected some impressive facts about U.S. Manufacturing you may not know to celebrate this unique holiday. Impressive U.S. […]

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