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A process engineer conducts FAT

Process Engineer Resources (Best of 2018)

EPIC’s process engineers work closely with manufacturing partners and clients to provide a number of helpful blogs, case studies and cost factor guides each year. Below we’ve compiled a list of our most popular process engineering content from 2018. These resources are intended to spark discussion about important industry trends and foster a culture of […]

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Roger Urbani gives advice on how to be a good process engineer

How to be a Good Process Engineer

Tapping his 30+ years of process engineering and chemical engineering experience, Roger Urbani shares advice on how to be a good process engineer. Roger currently works as a project manager at EPIC Systems where he oversees multi-million dollar modular process skid projects. “A good relationship with customers pays off,” Urbani says. “I think that it’s […]

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A member of the EPIC QA team inspects distillation equipment ready for shipment

3 Distillation Equipment Integration Questions That Will Change Your Vendor

When it comes to integrating distillation equipment into a larger process, there are many possible design, integration, and fabrication vendors you could use. The vast array of distillation system applications is exceeded only by the methods through which you can attain them: distillation specialists, engineering design firms, turnkey solution providers, process specialists, Alibaba, etc. Before […]

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An EPIC control engineer conducts FAT on an industrial automation system

Three Modular Pilot Plants We Process Engineered the Specs Out Of

Projects where we get to nerd out on process engineering are the best. We love engineering like a boss, especially with projects where we get exposed to a new technology or approach. In reviewing the modular pilot plants & process systems that really got us going this year, three projects stood out: Modular Pilot Plant […]

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Pilot Process Systems delivery

Best Practices for Shipping Process Skids at a Reasonable Cost

If mishandled, shipping can be the most expensive part of a process skid design and fabrication project. In the worst case scenario, expensive equipment can be damaged during the process, but poor logistical planning can also lead to many unnecessary costs. From the moment we begin designing a project, shipping is integral to project planning. […]

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