Pilot Plants – Your Process Technology’s New Best Friend

The term “pilot plant” is a term many people are familiar with, but may be unsure when or why you need one. A pilot plant is an opportunity to reduce risk and unknowns before scaling up your process technology. Testing with a pilot module means testing on commercial grade equipment, which sheds light on unknowns and allows […]

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EPIC systems inc welding weld

My Father Always Told Me Never to Look Directly Into the Sun

Welding may be mesmerizing to someone passing by… due to the bright light and the sound of crackling metal. But without the right safety equipment, you could succumb to severe health issues. This is why EPIC Systems modular fabrication team takes safety around welders so seriously. Welding arcs give off radiation over a broad range […]

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distillation process intensification system

What is Process Intensification and How Can You Implement It?

Process Intensification (PI) is a topic receiving considerable attention recently. Using the simple definition of Stankiewicz and Moulijn (2000), PI is ‘Any chemical engineering development that leads to a substantially smaller, cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient technology.’ The improvement is expected to be substantial (tens to hundreds of percent), as the benefits from the […]

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3d Absorption column design

Distillation Column Design Best Practices

Distillation column design best practices are guidelines to help you size and design distillation columns that perform optimally within your process parameters. The starting point of all column design is to determine the relative volatility of the key substances to be separated. Using a mass and energy balance simulation program the physical and chemical properties of the substances you […]

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EPIC Mini Engineers

They’re Like Regular Engineers, Only Smaller

This spring EPIC hosted a Mini-Engineers event at its manufacturing and engineering facility here in St. Louis. We teamed up with The Greater St. Louis Area Council Boy Scouts of America to create a fun engineering focused day that included race car designing, tin-foil boat sinking and melting Styrofoam in solvents. The day included an […]

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Pipe Bridge 2

Bridging the Gap: The EPIC Way

Can you build my pipe bridge and make it fit with my existing plant structure? EPIC fabricates its pipe bridges in a true “plug-and-play” fashion to simply plug into the existing system. This is all part of our modular build design specifications. EPIC is experienced in doing pipe bridges for sanitary and industrial clients. We […]

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EPIC Safety Series: Forklifts and Rigging

Safety is always an important topic, but with a six-part modular skid currently being prepped for shipping in the EPIC fabrication shop, it’s the number one priority. What does it take to move these massive modules from fabrication and testing in EPIC’s shop to running full steam at the customer’s site? The challenge falls to […]

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extractive distillation is like getting gum out of your hair

How Extractive Distillation is like Getting Gum out of your Hair

Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair? It’s not fun, but there are a few techniques on how to get it out without cutting your hair. Extractive distillation is closely related to this every day situation. It is defined as: “distillation in the presence of a miscible, high-boiling, relatively non-volatile component, the solvent […]

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Solvent Recovery

EPIC Saves the Solvent, Recovery Style

Our modular process group is well versed in solvent recovery. We design and fabricate complete solvent recovery modular process skids. What does that mean? That means that we produce proven systems that follow industry regulations and combat solvent costs. Whether you want to recover solvent to recycle it back into your process or dispose of it […]

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