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Product Offering Doubled with Unique Inline Blending System

inline blending systemEPIC Systems, Inc. recently installed a pre-engineered in-line blending skid for a Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company. Twenty different flavors were added, engineered with one ingredient mixing system. The blending skid was designed and built for an existing packaging line, with a limited floor space.  Minimal equipment was required to install the ingredient trees, and downtime was reduced through a modular design.

The client’s product offering was doubled, with a 50% cost savings from traditional systems. The inline blending system eliminates the need for multiple batch mixing units and reduces required equipment.

EPIC designed, fabricated and installed the system to maximize unique flavor flexibility. The plant operators were given the ability to switch SKU’s more frequently with a new control system. Control logic was integrated to automate mixing, prevent flavor mix-up and regulate line speed. Flow control valves were installed to ensure accuracy for unique formulas during mixing.

The blending system was coupled to the packaging line. A mix tank with pump re-circulation was engineered to create a buffer between blending and packaging. Mix and fill rates were designed to match, utilizing a pressure valve on the buffer tank. Pressure on the tank was regulated to keep product flowing from the mixing line to the filler at the correct rate.

A product-to-product washout system was designed for frequent product changeover and prevent cross contamination. A re-blend system was engineered to recycle excess formula to the next product mix.

Off-site modular construction was performed inside EPIC’s advanced fabrication facility and later integrated into the client’s existing product making line. The modular process technique also allowed the client’s plant to continue running without interruption. Before the unit shipped, it was fully FAT tested and ready for operation.

ABOUT EPIC SYSTEMS:  EPIC Systems, Inc. is a complete design, build and integration company that provides complete modular process systems. For more information on inline blending, visit and see how you can Do It Better.


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