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EPIC Expands Simulation Capabilities for Pilot Plant Design

St. Louis, MO – EPIC Modular Process Company has expanded their internal process simulation and pilot plant design capabilities by hiring an Aspen Plus/Aspen HYSYS software expert and licensing the simulation software. The expansion brings sophisticated process simulation capabilities and licensing in-house for cost and project timeline reduction.

EPIC’s common applications for AspenOne software include: pilot plant scale-up, distillation columns, Fischer-Tropsch processes and solvent recovery systems, along with energy analysis heat exchanger design and rating. This cutting edge tool for oil and gas process simulationensures the best process design resources are available to clients year-round without dependency on outside simulation analysis.

“We’ve been gaining experience with this growing technology through a vendor who has multiple clients. By bringing the technology and expertise in-house, we are building on our internal process design resource pool, benefiting our clients,” says Ken Sipes, Modular Process Group Manager.

EPIC’s process scale-up experts use Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS to create accurate estimations of process system design and operation requirements. Preliminary heat & energy balances, process simulation requirement testing, and rough cost models are quickly created for better rough-order-magnitude quotations for potential projects.

For client projects that move past the estimation stage, the Aspen software assists engineers in refining the modular process systems design. Specific requirements for flow rate, yield, purity, energy usage and utility costs are added to the model. The client’s pilot plant operating parameters and inputs are then adjusted by experienced process engineers until the design is optimized to match client priorities.

ABOUT EPIC SYSTEMS: EPIC is a design, build and integration firm with over fifteen years of modular process system fabrication, machine vision integration and packaging line automation experience. Founded in 1995, EPIC Systems, Inc. is an experienced multi-disciplined engineering and fabrication firm. EPIC Systems is located in St. Louis, MO USA. To learn more about EPIC, visit their website at or contact them today for an engineering evaluation of your application.


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