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Process Skids Delivered with Dual Distillation Column Design

EPIC Systems, Inc. recently installed an industrial distillation column system engineered to fit within a tight plant footprint. The distillation system was integrated in two process skids, designed to be joined after installation. EPIC utilized the Alternative Energy client’s exclusive ethanol extraction technology with a dual distillation column design.

Distillation Column DesignSpecial attention was paid to the distillation scale-up and modeling along with final skid design and layout. The client’s facility had a restricted delivery path, winding around pipe racks and pre-existing tanks with several 90-degree turns. The process skid was built as two separable pieces for individually placement, but work together to complete the distillation process. Precise measurements for column diameter &height along with piping &equipment placement were keys to successful installation.

The process skid was equipped with a hot oil system rated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, a heat exchanger to preheat solvent and distillation columns comprising of ten spools, rated for 15 psig at 250-degrees Fahrenheit.  Reflux loops were installed to increase extraction and reach 91% ethanol concentration.

The intended installation space was too small to fit equipment, piping, welders and crew safely. Off-site modular construction was performed inside EPIC’s advanced fabrication facility to offset this problem. The modular process system technique also allowed the client’s plant to continue running without interruption while the new distillation system was being completed. EPIC Systems expedited the project timeline to fit the reduced customer launch schedule. Before the unit shipped, it was fully FAT tested and ready for operation.

ABOUT EPIC SYSTEMS:  EPIC Systems, Inc. is a complete design, build and integration company that provides complete modular process systems. For more information on EPIC’s collaboration with this alternative energy, please and see how you can Do It Better.


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