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Pilot Plant Splitting for Departure

Here is a video of a recent modular demonstration plant that was fabricated, assembled and shipped from the EPIC shop.
solvent reclamation systemArgo Genesis Invests In Biopolymer Technology

A leader in the agribusiness, Argo Genesis, recently partnered with EPIC Systems, Inc. to take a newly formulated asphalt additive and scale it to a pilot plant level of production.  The outcome of the project resulted in an industry leading biopolymer demonstration plant that is the first of its kind…

Mini Engineers are Taking over EPIC
On April 30th, 2016 EPIC will be hosting a mini-engineering day for elementary aged kids, in partnership with the Greater St. Louis Boy Scouts. Here you can see the different badges that can be earned, activities that will take place, and how to register for the event.

J-SchottEPIC CEO Recognized by Alma Mater
President and CEO of EPIC Systems, Inc., John Schott,  was recently recognized by his college alma mater of Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science. Learn how John went from the nerdy kid in middle school winning science fairs, to an engineering entrepreneur and owning EPIC System, Inc.



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