EPIC Process Systems & Pilot Plants

We are a St. Louis based engineering & fabrication company providing pilot plant & production scale process plants & systems. Combine your process technology with EPIC’s modular process design/ build approach. We average 24% savings over traditional construction.

We maximize speed of delivery while minimizing downtime with off-site parallel fabrication of process systems and on-site facilities preparation. Your modular process skids arrive fully assembled and tested with all utility systems pre-installed.

Process Design/Build

Modular Process Systems Design & BuildWe provide turnkey modular process system and pilot plant design by following our proven methods from concept to commissioning.


Each system we build begins as your idea, and must be carefully integrated to achieve your goals, without exceeding your budget.

Unit Operations for Industrial Skids

unit operationsUniting major processing steps into a complete, production style system requires an experienced manufacturing integrator. Equipment sizing, material flow, reaction control and many other factors must be carefully designed for. EPIC has over nineteen years of experience with modular process design and build and will expertly integrate unit operations into fully functioning, production level process systems and pilot plants.

Modular Process Systems Capabilities

EPIC CapabiltiesFrom process engineering to scale up, automation & system design, EPIC has the capabilities necessary to complete your modular process system successfully. Our engineers are also able to perform engineering studies, select your equipment/instrumentation and even manage your site construction if the project calls for it. Click to read more about all of our modular process system capabilities at EPIC…

Industries Served

Modular Process IndustriesEPIC serves a wide-variety of industries and products. All the systems we build are either industrial or sanitary, and we have a team of experts in each area that understands the unique challenges  that come with each.

Read more about Industrial and Sanitary industries we specialize in.

Benefits of Working with EPIC

Why work with EPICWhy choose EPIC over the competition? By utilizing a modular approach that reduces lead time & increases efficiency, we guarantee your project will be completed on time and on budget.

Learn more about the ways EPIC can benefit you & your modular process systems project…

Case Studies | Pilot Plants & Process Skids

Modular Process Case StudiesInterested in past jobs we have done? View our case studies to read about applications we have worked with. If you don’t see a case study close to your application at hand, contact an engineer.

Client Testimonials

Client TestimonialsWe chose EPIC based on their strengths in several areas and they did not disappoint.  EPIC did an excellent job in designing our tank farm and blending system. The project  included 11 blending tanks for 3 different finished products and a tank farm to house 9 different bulk chemicals.”  – Engineering Manager at a Multinational Manufacturing Company      

Industries Served
Modular Process System

EPIC's engineers have experience in many industries, sanitary & industrial. If you do not see your industry, please contact us...



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